EFT Workshop

Tap away your emotional blockage with EFT Workshop

In this EFT workshop, I explain what EFT is and how it works and why it works for almost everything.


I demonstrate several rounds of EFT. Participants get to experience EFT for themselves in depth. This includes healing emotional trauma more quickly and easily.


You will learn how to apply EFT in the core areas of your life, such as relationships, work, health, and spirituality. 



Susan Taylor-Gol, MsCMHC, NCC

I have been coping with grief related to the illness of my elderly mother. It has been painful causing me high levels of stress and anxiety. I found Maryam’s EFT technique to be extremely helpful and encouraging.  She was supportive and therapeutic in the processing of my issue and the implementation of the technique. After one session I already felt relief from my grief and anxiety. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Milani for EFT and am grateful for her help!

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