Diane ~

When I first began working with Maryam, I was looking for help with my health issues.  After working with many different doctors, naturopaths, and nutritionists, and not making progress with my symptoms, one ND referred me to Maryam to try healing my body with my mind.


When we worked together, I felt very comfortable with Maryam and was able to be myself without feeling judged.  After a few sessions together, I noticed my mindset slowly shifting. I was still dealing with my physical issues; however, I was able to shift my mind to a more positive way of thinking while coping with my symptoms.


Having the support of Maryam and using the tools she provided me to shift my mind state helped me deal with the physical discomfort with more ease.

I think Maryam is particularly skilled at holding space for you while you express your worries in life and talk through what is bothering you.  She allows you to search deep within and guides you along the way. She will support you and help you understand where you are confused and what you need to do to find answers.  She is patient, kind, compassionate and genuine.


I got to know Maryam Milani during a deep grieving period in my life.


Right from the start, her insight and compassion showed through. Her teaching was professional, her advice valid and non-compromised. With her wisdom and loving approach, communicating with her is effortless.


To me, Maryam is a one of a kind, a person with a generous heart, committed to the mission to lead her fellow humans on their journeys to lighter days to come.


Guðrún ~ Iceland

Svetlana Krayz


wanted to express my thanks to Maryam for the great help she has been providing for me with our sessions.


I have been doing EFT- tapping myself for a few years, but really wanted to do it with a professional practitioner.


I was very lucky to meet Maryam, she is kind, understanding and very passionate about her work. She has helped me so much to deal with many life's issues- anxiety, stress, limited thinking, worrying about the future- you name it.


During our sessions, she is using hypnosis and EFT. I feel more relaxed and happy after our sessions than ever, enjoying my life more, feeling more grateful for every moment and every day.


I hope to continue with my healing journey with Maryam's help.

When I first began to work with Dr. Maryam Milani, I was looking for help to stop struggling in my life and felt helpless.


Many things in this life are inevitable. One of these things is the reality of struggling.


When we worked together, she helped me to focus, provided direction, challenged me, supported me, motivated me, and celebrated with me. I consider myself fortunate to be able to learn from Dr. Maryam Milani and her experiences. 


Her wisdom and her techniques have helped me to make it beyond what I imagined myself capable of achieving. Nothing can spoil my journey towards being the very best, as long as her inspiration fuels my zest. No one can come in-between me and victory, as long as I have a coach like her training me.

I feel so blessed and thankful.

Susan Taylor-Gol 


I have been coping with grief related to the illness of my elderly mother. It has been painful causing me high levels of stress and anxiety.


I found Maryam’s EFT technique to be extremely helpful and encouraging.  She was supportive and therapeutic in the processing of my issue and the implementation of the technique. After one session I already felt relief from my grief and anxiety. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Milani for EFT and am grateful for her help!

Samira Rashidi


Working with Maryam was a life-changing experience. When I first began working with her, I was trying to overcome the sadness inside after a hard breakup.


When we worked together, I started realizing what really happened, what were my true mistakes and what was out of my hands and I started to learn not to blame myself for every little decision that I made and every step that I took.


I especially appreciated how she understood me and helped me to first move on and then gain power over my life again.


And now I can see things in a whole different way. I’m able to trust again, trust myself and also trust others. Now I am certain that I’ll find “the one” one day soon. Someone who appreciates me and wants me for me. I got my self-confidence and self-worth back.


Maryam is particularly good at listening, she does it with all her heart and she won’t stop trying till you get what you deserve. She is very calm and down to earth which makes you feel at ease at all times.


Esi Mohhmadi


Working with Maryam, I've achieved challenging career objectives, improved personal and professional relationships, and found more excellent balance in my life. When I first started working with her, I needed help with my anxiety level. I was looking for a new job in a different field that I had experienced. I was afraid of not being able to find what I was looking for.


When we worked together, first of all, I learned how to manage my anxiety; secondly, she helped me to get clear about my talent and my capabilities, which helped me with my self-confidence. I learned to look at events without judging them based on my default beliefs.


I especially appreciated the way she explained everything. She simplified topics and facts without repeating what you can find in hundreds of books these days. She cared and really tried to help me.

I found a new job that I'm good at. Now I can say with confidence that I'm much happier. I also stop blaming myself for every mistake in the past.


I think Maryam is particularly skilled at calming you down and make you feel useful worthy and capable.

Katy Babakhani

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